Hi Guys, David D. here, with some Good News! But before I tell you all about it, let me tell you about my history in Cable TV business. I have been in the cable TV business for over 12 years. I have worked in the corporate office of a local cable station, for five years, working in the pay-per-view marketing department.

Then in April 15th, 1996 - I Left!

I went out on my own selling gift items, novelties and promotional products, to local gift stores (there's only 500+), here at the beach. One day, sales were slow and I discovered I needed some extra "Quick Cash".

A friend of mine was installing high-rise resorts with coaxial cable, for TV. He needed some help on a Saturday, and said he would pay me half the money. I said, " Great! What time?"

We finished the job in 2 1/2 half hours and I made $500 bucks!.
After that Saturday, I wanted to get back into the cable business as a contractor. I asked him, "What do I needed to do to get into the business?".
He said, "You need tools and a pickup truck". I said, "I am on it!". I Sold my Subaru GL-10 Turbo, and I bought my first Semi-Monster, Blue Metallic Truck!

It Was Awesome!


That was my beginnings in cable contracting. Installing and pre-wiring hotels and condos, for Cox cable Communications and Time Warner Cable. Later in the career, I worked for Cablevision and Aldephia Communications and got Six Figure Contracts to do Underground Construction and Aerial Cable Construction. In total, I spent seven years as a cable contractor. So, I know the business and I can teach you, the basics of how cable-TV works, how it's run and how to use special tools that activate and install the cable.

I've literally made thousands of dollars in one year as a cable contractor.
You can do the same. But it starts with the basics that's why I developed this "Cable TV How To Series", to know the skills you need to find a job or make a career shift.

NOTE: Did I Mention This Is A Recession Proof Career? Cable Companies Are Always Looking For Technicians And Installers! Once You're In The Business, You Are An Asset To A Growing Industry!

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This "Cable-TV How To Series" will teach you, step-by-step, on how to become a beginner cable-TV technician/installer! You will learn "Inside Tricks Of The Trade"to make your life on the job, faster and easier!

You need these special Skills to be More Valuable,in a hard job market!It's easy to learn how to install cable-TV in your home!


Here's what you're going to get in this power-packed cable tutorial video package!

These are samples of what you're going to see in these videos to help you get a job or install cable around your house.

CATV What IS That? you're going to learn how cable-TV works and where it came from, and the beginnings of cable tv, because you need to know the basics of how it gets from the TV station into your living room once you watch that video then the next video on the show you how to do a cable-TV insulation.

EASY Cable INSTALL You will see how the cable is installed from the pedestal outside into your house into your living room.


Specialty Tools Learn How To Use Them I'll teach you about the tools and how to use those tools, cable technician needs good tools and know-how to use them correctly. I'll show you what we used to do in the field and how we used to use any means necessary to get the job done.

Learn The Technique I'll also show you step-by-step on how to hook up cable splitters you'll know what to way as to which letter you will understand what a of three way for IT eight way is I'll show you how to hook up five outlets without a six way splitter as a bonus, I'll also show you how you can wire a hotel high-rise will talk about that on one of the videos is what I used to do is pre-wire and install high-rises here at at the beach and I'll show you know what we used to go through and how you with these basic skills, you can learn the tricks of the trade, and get a job quickly.

Special Task Cable Routing
I'm also going to show you how do a wall fish was show you inside the wall and how to get your cable through the wall to the Junction box. Wall fishes are tricky, but if you know these tips, then you can you can get on with the job a lot faster. Time is money on the job when it comes to cable-TV.

Learn The Lingo I'm also going to show you another video with different types of fittings how to how to use your prep tool how to prep the line so you can put fittings on the different types of fittings and compression tools also show you how to do install a wall box wall plate. Also show you how to hang cable from the telephone call to your to your house will show you the special folks that the cable technicians use to lookup an aerial drop soul so will show you how to also do that and secure your line without getting ripped off.

The Hook-Up And then our final video you also learn how to hook up your surround sound your DVD player your VCR in your converter box directly to the TV and stereo you don't want to miss this video because a lot of times in the storm or your moving you may disconnect your cable-TV now this you'll just have to look up these videos online if you miss your if you forgot how to hook it up so you don't want to miss these videos because they will show you how to hook up your DVD player your VCR your surround sound and your converter box so you get the highest quality picture.


Normally, I would charge $75 An Hour, for this training, but it's only the basics of cable installation. Instead, I'll Show You Via Video & only going to charge a small fee, so you can have FULL Access, every single month to download these videos. Each video contains a piece of my knowledge and wisdom, in the field of cable-TV.

In my years of learning, have found it's faster and easier to learn, from an expert in the field, and someone that has spent years doing it. Now, you have these videos at your convenience.
It's like having Video On Demand. You go to our secret site, download these videos to your computer and learn on the fly. This is YOUR Opportunity to either make a career shift, find a job, or just use it to install your own cable lines in your house.

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My Personal Guarantee: If you feel that you cannot become a cable technician, then, you have 60 days to review, watch, take notes and decide, whether or not, you want to do cable installs. If you're not satisfied, just notify us and we will refund you the cost of the video access.

But you got to admit, learning a new skill that's fast and easy to do, for the price of a tank of gas, without taking for eight weeks to learn this skill, at a tech school, you can learn this in a day.

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